Our Services
1. Enterprise Software Solutions
An efficient, reliable and secure IT system is essential for any business. We offer customized application development that matches international standards in terms of precision and timely execution. The organization has experience in developing software solutions required by major corporate and government organizations. We are committed in providing quality enterprise software Solutions to our clients at a cost, which fits their budget. We are destined to dedicate ourselves to serve each and every pulse of our customers. Our priority is to surge ahead the challenges and stay at the forefront while growing with our vision. The company is committed in delivering value for money solutions in a timely manner.
2. RFID & Biometric Solutions
Globees Solutions is involved with the constantly evolving RFID technology and specifications and is positioned to assist clients in designing and implementing complete RFID solutions. The demand for RFID solutions is growing. Globees Solutions assists clients to easily deploy and manage rich RFID solutions. Clients, regardless of the size of their organization, will be able to quickly ensure readiness for the RFID demands of their clients, putting their business in an optimal position for growth.
3. GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Globees is proud to unveil Globees Tracking Device based on the GSM/GPRS and state-of-art GPS technology. A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. In fact, it is this use which represents the simplest form of GPS tracking. The user is able, using a portable GPS device, to keep a track of where they have been, in order to be able to either retrace their steps, or follow the same path again in the future. Our range of vehicle tracker provides reliable and accurate navigational data. All communication is handled rapidly and effectively by a GPRS/GSM modem through a GPRS network or, if not available, by means of a GSM network.
4. Digital Information Display Solutions (DID)
Globees is one of the top company in the world for higher value industrial display. Our company is also continuously growing in monitors for medical applications and PID (Public Information Display) applications, keeping our efforts on technical development and best qualities. We can guarantee you that we will to become world's best company in industrial display by continuous investment, research and development for the most advanced technology on aerial and military fields. We supply our best products to the world's leading companies throughout the world.. Creation, challenge and trust as the basic foundation, we will give all our efforts to become an upright and tiptop company, which puts stockholders in the center, to lead new digital generation.
5. Automated Loyalty Management System (ALMS)
The ALMS will allow the client to gain 100% loyalty and ensure fraud free transactions in its fuelling stations. This solution will save the client millions of US$ per year on fuel consumption, improving fleet maintenance level and providing state of the art management tools.
The ALMS will provide automated recording of fuel receipts, fuel issues, while consolidating and reconciling the fuel inventory. The information is processed and presented at all levels in the organization starting from individual vehicle up to the entire fleet. The system gives total control on the desktop without any human intervention or manual data entry.
6. Advanced Chip Level Service
Globees Solutions premiere Organization providing repair and all type of services and solutions to the information and communication technologies to create service and repair centers all across the country to provide quality repair and service facilities which will ensure Customer satisfaction & preference, Continues profitable growth and Fulfilling social obligation.
Globees Solutions has expertise in servicing CDROM Drives, CD Writers & Combo, Color Monitors, LCD Monitors, Floppy Disk Drives, Motherboards, SMPS, Printers, Add-on Cards and critical SMT based problems can also be dealt with in our service Center.